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Gingerbread Cake - dark, gingery, and rich with molasses, pairs perfectly with lemon curd or whipped cream - 8" square pan - Christmas offering.

Pecan Pie.jpg

Pecan Pie - choose from classic pecan pie with toasted pecans or our popular chocolate pecan pie loaded with three different types of chocolate. Thanksgiving offering.

Pumpkin Pie.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Pie - our pumpkin pie is like no other! Our fabulous pies start with roasted whole pumpkins to create our own pumpkin puree. Add our special blend of spices, top it off with stabilized whipped cream, and the outcome is pure creamy heaven! Thanksgiving offering.

Shaped Gingerbread Cookies - can accommodate almost any design - undecorated cookies start at $.50 per inch and are sold in 2 dozen increments; decorated cookies start at $1.00 per inch and are sold in 1 dozen increments. Christmas offering.

Walnut Anise Gems - delicate anise spiced cookies rolled in powdered sugar - available December 1st - 31st

Gingersnap Kiss Cookies - chewy ginger and molasses cookies topped with a chocolate kiss - Christmas offering.

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