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Sherry, the owner of Peaks View Bakes, LLC was born in Lynchburg, VA and has lived most of her life in the Lynchburg and surrounding areas. She has a passion for baking and creating one-of-a kind cakes. After creating custom cakes as gifts for family and friends for over 20 years, she started Peaks View Bakes, LLC to share her cake artistry and love of baking with everyone. If you are looking for a cake that not only looks great, but tastes amazing, you've come to the right place! Sherry is very particular about the quality of food she provides and strives to make all her baked goods from the best quality ingredients.

Order Inquiry Forms are available on both the Wedding Cake and Celebration Cake pages.


In 2023, Peaks View Bakes introduced a retail line of freeze-dried treats that has quickly become very popular. To place an order, please visit the freeze-dried treats page.

Peaks View Bakes, LLC operates as under the regulation of the Virginia Department of Agriculture as a Food Manufacturer. As such, we have a licensed and inspected kitchen. When shopping around for custom cakes or desserts, it is important to inquire whether they are operating out of an inspected kitchen.

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